I need YOUR permission!

To give permission to be in the app, please just select your name from the list, provide an email, or twitter handle I can use to verify your identity, and I will be in touch!

If you cannot find yourself in the list above or your name is spelled wrong, or have any questions, please email me at jajudgeja@gmail.com.

What do I want?

I need your permission to include you on the app! A fantasy league app obviously isn't much without players to pick, so to have your name and image in it I need your permission!

What is this?

Squash.Rocks is a squash fantasy league game soon to be available on Android and iPhone. It will hopefully have decent sponsored prizes for users

The aim is to make something fun for users, hopefully get people discussing squash a bit more and increasing interest in how lower ranked players are doing rather than just who's in the top 20.

The scoring will be based off squashlevels.com rankings rather than PSA points. You can find out more about why in the FAQ section.

Why are you making this?

I'm a squash fan, and I'd like a fantasy squash league app. I'm also a developer and capable of making one, so why not?

And lastly...

What is to be gained?

For You: I don't have any funding, the only thing I can think to offer is the ability for you to put affiliate links to shops/your sponsors from your profile in the app. If you have any other ideas please do let me know!

For Me: I'm making this for free and have no immediate plans to make money from it. So just fun to be gained, but down the line maybe some optional paid for features. It'd be great if it covered it's costs.