How does it work?

Users get points to spend on players for their team, and can have up to 3 male and 3 female players on their team. As players ratings change they go up or down in value based on their performance. Earn points when they win, and bonus points if they get a bagel (winning a game 11-0)!

Why can't I see some players?

Players are added to the app as we get their permission to be included. If you refer a player, make sure to give them your referral code so you get bonus points!

Where do the ratings come from?

The ratings are kindly provided by SquashLevels.com. This is an amazing site that every squash player should check out, especially since you might be on it if you play UK leagues or competitions!
The levels are calculated based on performance against other players, quite like chess ratings if you're familiar with that. Players gain more points by beating players higher ranked than them, or performing better than expected. It bases the levels on performance rather than results, which makes it quite different to PSA rankings.